Week long artist residency at the Betsy Hotel on Miami Beach in March

It was a great pleasure to spend time in the writers room at the Betsy Hotel on Ocean Drive the first week of March. The residency allowed me the time to complete the new work for String Noise Duo being premiered by them as part of the New Music Miami Festival on April 5 and subsequently in NYC. Very grateful for the opportunity at a wonderful place to work.More here

Interview in I Care If You Listen re my new work for Ensemble Pi on the theme of social justice

The online new music journal I Care If You Listen recently published an interview with me regarding my work impulso/momentum premiered as part of a concert with the theme of social justice featuring the NYC based Ensemble Pi. I am very grateful to ICIYL for allowing me the opportunity to present my views on my work, the text I created for the work, and the subject/theme for the concert. The interview can be accessed here

Walter Hinrichsen Award in Music from the American Academy of Arts and Letters

I am extremely honored and humbled to have received the 2022 Walter Hinrichsen Award in Music from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. This award was established by the C. F. Peters Corporation, music publishers, in 1984, and is given for the publication of a work by a gifted composer. I am very much looking forward to having my music included in the catalog of this extremely important and historic publisher and am very grateful to the committee. More here

Premiere of new work in NYC by Ensemble Pi

On March 2 the New York City based Ensemble Pi will be premiering my new work impulso/momentum for baritone voice and chamber ensemble. The work commissioned by the ensemble will be part of a concert on the theme of social justice. More information here

The Studios of Key West Artist Residency June-July 2021

Incredibly productive 4 weeks in Key West at the 4 week artist residency I realized at the Studios of Key West mid June to mid July. Completed the large part of a 22 minute work for classical guitar and chamber orchestra for virtuoso guitarist Jaime Marquez and the Orquesta de Camara de Bellas Artes in Mexico City and its director Ludwig Carrasco for premiere in December. The Studios are a great place to work with the combination of all of the tranquility and diversion anyone could want. More

Composers Now Impact Series Program with my work

Extremely grateful to Composers Now to be part of their Impact Series. The 30 plus minute program first aired August 12 but available indefinitely where I briefly present my thoughts on art and music and my work for cello and string orchestra with virtuoso cellist Jason Calloway as well as my work for video and electronics with video by Jacek Kolasinski can be found here

sonidos cubanos 2 album on Neuma Records

Extremely pleased to have been the producer and initiator of this project to promote the wonderful music of Cintas Foundation Fellowship winning composers Flores Chaviano, Ivette Herryman Rodriguez, Odaline de la Martinez, Eduardo Morales Caso, Sabrina Peña Young on a new album being released in June 2021 by Neuma Records with the support of the Cintas Foundation. Sonidos Cubanos 2 is a second album in a series of recordings championing the music of these outstanding composers. Review here and more information here


Bethany Arts Community Spring 2022 Multidisciplinary Residency

I will be in residence at Bethany Arts Community in Ossining, NY from May 2-15. During my time there I will be working on a new piece for the Madrid based Nuevo Ensemble de Segovia for premiere in the fall of 2022. This will be the 3rd work I complete for the ensemble...


Review of my Metier release in All About the Arts

Intriguingly complex and moving: the music of Orlando Jacinto García The prolific Cuban American composer Orlando Jacinto García recorded three of his string quartets with the invaluable Amernet Quartet for METIER. The CD came to my attention as a result of his having...


Why References?

When I was in graduate school in the early and mid 1980s, I had the good fortune to work with an Asian American composer and teacher at the University of Miami named Dennis Kam. At that time he was very much involved with the idea of musical stasis or a music that by...

What is Art Music?

As we enter the next century the music world can seem a bit confusing. Twenty five years ago what was considered the Western Art music canon consisted of music from either Antiquity or the Renaissance through the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and into the 20th...

Teaching Composition: Some General Thoughts

Teaching someone to compose is impossible! We all know that Bartok said it and refused to teach composition. My mentor Feldman taught composition but always claimed you couldn’t do it, for which he was often criticized by students. His now somewhat famous response to...

Boola Boola Revisited

Slightly more than 15 years ago, soon after finishing my doctoral studies, I had the great fortune of studying with Morton Feldman for 3 intensive weeks. These sessions proved to have a great impact on my career as a composer and pedagogue and I was fortunate to be...

Another Approach to Electroacoustic Music

At times I find myself feeling somewhat out of place at some of the electroacoustic music events where my work is presented. This is not because I do not find this genre of interest or because I am not pleased with my work or that of my colleagues, but because my...