I will be working on my latest interdisciplinary project in the coming year.

A brief description of the project follows:

Drawing from quantum physics, M theory, and existential philosophy, existere, is a one act monodrama where the protagonist exists in multiple dimensions, forms, and time frames. These different states and configurations are presented and understood from the main characters consciousness and perspective. Combining video, electronics, solo male voice, two amplified violins, and employing traditional, contemporary, and extended techniques, the existential questions “What am I”, “Where am I”, “When am I” are confronted throughout the work. Not only will existere create an environ for the audience to observe the protagonist’s journey, this multimedia, monodrama opera will act as a catalyst for the audience to question their own thoughts and experiences, ultimately changing how they perceive time and the world around them.

The work will feature baritone vocalist and actor Damian Norfleet as the protagonist and the string noise violin duo performing and sharing the stage. In addition, composer Orlando Jacinto Garcia will be creating the music and co-writing the libretto with Norfleet. Additional video and effects will be provided by filmmaker and digital effects specialist Carlos Fueyo. The 45-minute work is currently in the development phase.