Name of WorkInstrumentationDurationDate
una marea creciente interdisciplinary work commissioned by the Knight Foundation and Faena Art with John Stuart, Jacek Kolasinski, Augusto Soledade, Campbell McGrathfor 2 ensembles, fixed media, video, and 6 dancers (ensemble 1: male and female voice, vlc, cb) and (ensemble 2: 2 male and 2 female voices, fl, cl, vln, vla)90 minutes05/2018
I never saw another butterfly for the Amernet string quartetString Quartet21 minutes03/2018
A distant gamelan for Sarah Cahill in memory of Lou HarrisonSolo piano11 minutes02/2018
Deconstructed Strings II for Keith KirchoffSolo piano and fixed media13 minutes02/2018
Those at peace shall see their wake CAP commission from Vizcaya for premiere in the pool grotto areaString Trio, wind chimes, wine glasses, and fixed media37 minutes01/2018
Deconstructed strings CAP commission from Vizcaya for their music roomInstallation consisting of 9 sound files triggered by a camera controlled by a Max patch15 minutes12/2017
The clouds receding into the mountains for Melia Watras and the Seattle Modern OrchestraSolo viola, and chamber orchestra 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 piano perc strings20 minutes09/2017
A return to fragmentation and the use of negative space for Jason CallowaySolo Cello and String Orchestra13 minutes08/2017
Fragmented Light II
for Jason Calloway and Michael Klotz
Viola and Cello11 minutes02/2017
Resonating color fields
For Andrew Kozar
Piccolo trumpet and resonating body (amplified grand piano)11 minutes02/2017
Quasi chitarra
For Federico Bonacossa
classical guitar and fixed media14 minutes01/2017
Of wind, sea, and light for the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra2 2 2 2 2 2 2 perc strings14 minutes12/2016
la belleza que es el mar (the beauty that is the sea)
for the FIU Women’s Choir and Wind Ensemble
SSAA choir and chamber winds13 minutes09/2016
Ascending into the Eternal Light (ascendiendo hacia la luz eterna) for Martin Anderson in memory of YoditString Orchestra 6 6 4 4 2
4 4 4 4 2
Havana Festival version 4 4 4 2 1
14 minutes07/2016
Multiple Winds in the Distance
for the Mexico City Woodwind Quintet
Woodwind Quintet12 minutes07/2016
The Distant Wind III
For Michael Norsworthy and the Amernet
Bb Clarinet and String Quartet15 minutes03/2016
Piano Quartet Cross Currents
for the Deering Estate Chamber Ensemble
Vl, Vla, Vlc, Piano12 minutes02/2016
una lluvia fuerte con mezcal
A Hard Rain with Mezcal for Kathleen Supove
Solo piano13 minutes01/2016
musica para Oaxaca
for the Latin American St Qt and guitarists Jaime Marquez & Carlos Martinez commissioned by the Instrumenta Festival in Mexico
2 classical guitars and String Quartet15 minutes09/2015
Conversations with Harry
for Harry Sparnaay
Bass Clarinet and Fixed Media12 minutes08/2015
From Darkness to Luminosity For Cristina Valdes and the Seattle Modern OrchSolo piano & chamber ens/orch
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 perc strings (or str quintet)
16 minutes07/2015
Fragmented Patterns for Igor and VesnaSolo violin and solo violin/viola
1 1 1 1 perc strings 6 6 4 4 2
16 minutes05/2015
Music for a Child’s Story (The Boy and the Magical flower) for the Miami Symphony Orchestra2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 perc strings
vers for 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 p str
4 minutes04/2015
For Dennis Kam II
for Sebastián Marine and Elena Aguado
Piano 4 hands14 minutes01/2015
marea cambiante (changing tide)
for Mari Kimura
Solo Amplified Violin8 minutes01/2015
una marea creciente (a rising tide) for violinist Jennifer ChoiSolo Violin and String Orchestra
6 6 4 4 2
14 minutes12/2014
la fuente de los coyotes (the fountain of the coyotes) for Michael KlotzSolo Viola9 minutes10/2014
The City Air makes you free
Stadluft Macht Frei
(video images by Jacek Kolasinski)
Fixed Media with video10 minutes08/2014
entre michigan y jefferson
(between Michigan and Jefferson)
for the Fonema Consort
Mezzo Soprano, Flute (doubling alto), Percussion and electronics13 minutes08/2014
For Dennis Kam
for the Bugallo Williams Piano Duo
Two PIanos14 minutes07/2014
for the Nuevo Ensemble de Segovia
Alto Flute, Bass Clarinet, Percussion, Piano13 minutes05/2014
for the Suono Sacro Ensemble
Flute (c, picc and alto), Harp, String Quintet (or string orchestra)14 minutes05/2014
Fragmented Light
for Jason Calloway and Mari-Liis Pakk
Violin and Cello11 minutes03/2014
muro de viento
for Alejandro Escuer
video images by Jacek Kolasinski
Solo flute doubling piccolo and alto flute with electronics5 minutes07/2013
Towards the Light: Into the Numinous for the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) and the Latin American String QuartetString Quartet and Orchestra
2 2 2 2 4 2 3 1 perc (3), piano, str
19 minutes07/2013
The Distant Wind II for Wojciech Mrozek and the Lviv PhilSolo Bb Clarinet and Strings15 minutes01/2013
Inside the Quantum World
Duo Hevans
Tenor Saxophone and Bass Clarinet13 minutes09/2012
Entanglements (entrelazamientos)
(Brouwer Trio)
Violin, Cello, Piano11 minutes08/2012
el viento distante (the distant wind) Wojciech Mrozek and the Lviv PhilharmonicSolo Bb Clarinet and Orchestra 2222 2221 piano, harp, perc, strings15 minutes04/2012
revelaciones (revelations) (for Wil Smith)Concert Organ13 minutes12/2011
musica para Madrid
for the Nuevo Ensemble de Segovia
Flute (piccolo), Bass Clarinet Alto Sax, Percussion, Piano12 minutes09/2011
Music for Paris
for Le Balcon
Flute, Clarinet, Piano Violin, Viola, Cello15 minutes03/2011
canto de cuna para la humanidadSoprano voice6 minutes01/2011
In Memoriam Earle Brown for the Miami Symphony OrchestraOrchestra 2222 4231 3 perc piano strings20 minutes12/2010
universo paralelo #4
video images by John Stuart
Soprano voice, Clarinet, Viola Piano, Electronics and Video13 minutes08/2010
universo paralelo #3
video images by Eric Goldemberg and Veronica Lachberg
Soprano voice, Clarinet, Viola Piano, Electronics and Video12 minutes07/2010
universo paralelo #2
video images by Jacek Kolasinski and Daniel Viñoly
Clarinet, Electronics, and Video13 minutes02/2010
la catedral de cristalElectronics (fixed media)10 minutes02/2010
After Life (for Paula Matthusen)Laptop Ensemble15 minutes11/2009
universo paralelo #1
video images by Jacek Kolasinski
Soprano voice, Clarinet, Viola Piano, Electronics and Video14 minutes09/2009
Dreaming Amazonia
Choreography and concept by Augusto Soledade
videos by Jacek Kolasinsksi
Electronics (with dance and images)46 minutes03/2009
Transcending Time concept by OJG
videos by Jacek Kolasinski and John Stuart
text by Campbell McGrath
Chamber ensemble (14 players)
Mezzo Soprano Soloist, 4 SATB Singers, Video and Electronics
75 minutes02/2009
la intersección de tres mundos imaginarios (the intersection of 3 imaginary worlds) for DedaloFl, Cl (B.CL), Vln, Vlc, Piano, Percussion17 minutes09/2008
cajas sonoras (sonic boxes) for guitarist Arturo TalliniGuitar Ensemble6 minutes07/2008
After Humans (después de los humanos)
for Madeleine Shapiro, video by Jacek Kolasinski
Cello, Electronics, Video16 minutes06/2008
madera sonora (sonic wood)Solo Marimba6 minutes05/2008
enlaces sonoros (sonic links)
(chamber orchestra version of puentes)
Chamber orchestra
1111 1111 Perc, Pno, Strings Electronics/Video
19 minutes02/2008
September 2007 (Remembering Morty) for the piano percussion duo Miroglio AproduPiano and Percussion13 minutes12/2007
islas (islands) for Pierre-Yves Artaud and the OFFFlute ensemble, solo flute, Electronics20 minutes12/2007
puentes sonoros (sonic bridges)
for Sequenza Sur and the Cervantino Festival
video images by Jacek Kolasinski and John Stuart
Fl, Ob, Cl, Pno, Vla, Vlc, Cb Electronics, Video19 minutes08/2007
temporal and ARA Belgrano videos
in collaboration w/ video artist Jacek Kolasinski
Video and Electronics versions of temporal for Electronics8 minutes07/2007
paisaje del sonido (video version) in collaboration w/ video artist Jacek KolasinskiVideo w/ Contrabass, Electronics, Video18 minutes10/2006
Otro mundo sonoro
for the FIU Wind Ensemble
Wind Ensemble11 minutes09/2006
Music for Italy
for Andrea Ceccomori and Emanuele Arciuli
Piccolo doubling Bass Flute and Piano11 minutes06/2006
timbres artificiales #4, for Arturo TalliniSolo Guitar10 minutes05/2006
temporalElectronics8 minutes02/2006
Escher Waterfall Variant III for the Nuevo Ensemble de SegoviaBb Cl/B. Cl, Alto Saxophone, Piano10 minutes12/2005
olas de inhumanidad
for Robert Davidovici and Kemal Gegic
Violin and Pinao10 minutes09/2005
Orig.: 5/99
vientos fragmentados (fragmented winds) for Henri Bok and Jorgen van RijenBass Clarinet and Trombone12 minutes07/2005
horizontes imaginados (imagined horizons) for the Cantus Ensemble in ZagrebBb Cl/B. Cl, Vl, Vlc, Pno11 minutes06/2005
oscurecimiento gradual (slowly darkening) for Max LifchitzSolo Piano8 minutes05/2005
dos for Joan Pere Gil and Miguel BonacheaBb Clarinet and Guitar10 minutes04/2005
Ascending from the Abyss for Joan La BarbaraMezzo Soprano & Electronics15 minutes11/2004
cuando el mar besa al malecón
(when the sea kisses the malecón)
for Alejandro Escuer
Flute (doubling picc, c flute, alto flute, bass flute) and Electronics18 minutes07/2004
paisaje del sonido (Soundscape) for Luis Gomez ImbertContrabass and Electronics16 minutes06/2004
Orig.: 4/92
reflejos de otra música
reflections of another music
for the Mexico City WW QT
Woodwind Quintet12 minutes04/2004
mixtura (mixture) for Carter EnyeartCello and Electronics14 minutes02/2004
nubes nocturnas (nocturnal clouds)
for James Fulkerson and Mark Hetzler
Trombone and Electronics10 minutes01/2004
Transcending Time: Part I Time in the Present (Sketches)Soprano, Fl, Trb, Cb, Piano 8 Voices, Narrator15 minutes11/2003
Music for Tuba and Piano
for Velvet Brown and the Duo Garda
Tuba and Piano13 minutes07/2003
resonancia (Resonance)
for the 2003 Music Festival in Senigallia, Italy
Solo Piano12 minutes07/2003
voces en la distancia
(Distant Voices) for Kathleen Wilson
Soprano Voice and Piano11 minutes05/2003
sombras sobre parque central
(shadows over Central Park) for Henri Bok
Solo Bass Clarinet9 minutes12/2002
Why References? for Kathy SupovePiano and Electronics18 minutes09/2002
Multiple Voices
for Joan Pere Gil and Paul Green
Solo Clarinet8 minutes06/2002
viento nocturno for Laura WilcoxSolo Viola10 minutes05/2002
viento sonoro for Robert DickSolo Flute (doubling bass flute)10 minutes05/2002
Music for trombone and piano for Mark Hetzler and James FulkersonTrombone and Piano12 minutes03/2002
como los colores del viento nocturno
(like the colors of the evening wind)
for Robert Davidovici
Viola and Electronics (with wind chimes)13 minutes02/2002
vedute sonore da Bellagio (sonic postcards from Bellagio) for the OSSB in VenezuelaOrchestra
3 3 3 3 4 3 3 1 perc, pno, str
19 minutes08/2001
Orig.: 10/99
silencios imaginados
for the Assisi Musiche Ensemble
Fl (picc, alto), Cl (Bass cl) Vl, Vlc, Piano13 minutes06/2001
Musica para 4 clarinetes
for the Madrid based Recital ensemble
Eb clar, Bb clar, Basset Horn Bass clar12 minutes05/2001
Escher Waterfall (Variant II)Ob, Cl, Vln, Vla, Vlc12 minutes02/2001
fragmentos de la noche (night fragments)
for Maya Beiser
Solo Cello12 minutes02/2001
vientos en la distancia (Distant Winds)
for Alberto Rodriguez and the Solistas de Camara Madrid
2 Bb Clar, Pno, 11 Strings (and wind chimes)13 minutes01/2001
separacion (separation) for Daniel KeintzySoprano Sax and Electronics12 minutes01/2001
Re-encounter (for Luis Gomez Imbert, Keith Aleo)Electric Guitar, Cb, Perc15 minutes11/2000
Core Interlude (interludio) for the Core EnsembleCello, Piano, Percussion6 minutes11/2000
una luz en la neblina distante
(a light in the distant fog)
for Leon Biriotti
Oboe & 4 Percussion (orig version for ob & strings)15 minutes11/2000
fragmentos romanos
for Continuum
Soprano voice, Bb Clar/B. Clar, Vln, Piano15 minutes10/2000
Music for Toronto
for Michael Baker and Array Music
Vln, Clar, Trpt, 2 Perc, Pno, Cb15 minutes03/2000
llovizna (mist) for Thomas BlochGlass Harmonica8 minutes02/2000
paisaje del sonido II
(Soundscapes II) for Luis Gomez Imbert
Solo Cb, Str. Qt., Glasses/Chimes (3 perf)16 minutes01/2000
imagenes (sonidos) sonoros congelados for Robert DavidoviciViolin and Electronics14 minutes12/1999
Escher Waterfall (Variant I)Fl, Cl, Harp, Vibes10 minutes10/1999
como un coro de clarinetes celestiales
(like a choir of celestial clarinets)
Electronics (fixed media)13 minutes10/1999
el silencio despues de la lluvia
for Eladio Scharron and Nora Lee Garcia
Flute (doubling picc, alto) and Guitar11 minutes06/1999
for Guido Arbonelli & Andrea Ceccomori
Flute (doubling picc, alto bass) & Clarinet (doubling bass)18 minutes04/1999
cuatro asimetrias for entrequatreGuitar Quartet13 minutes02/1999
coral fin del siglo fragmentado for Frullato de BecRecorder Quartet15 minutes02/1999
fragmentos del pasado for Iliana MatosGuitar and String Quartet18 minutes09/1998
nubes de cristal
for the Toronto based Glass Orchestra
4 performers w/ glass instruments21 minutes08/1998
cuatro for the Miami String QuartetString Quartet (rev 2000)14 minutes06/1998
lineas en la caida de la noche for Paul GreenClarinet and Piano15 minutes05/1998
celebramosSSSAAA choir8 minutes04/1998
aire, madera, y metal for Henry SkolnickSolo Bassoon18 minutes12/1997
Sombras para pianoSolo Piano18 minutes12/1997
Asimetría For Carlos PiantiniString Orchestra12 minutes08/1997
sombras iluminadas for the Orquesta Ciudad de MalagaOrchestra
3 3 3 3 4 3 3 1 perc, harp, strings
18 minutes07/1997
for the Ensemble Ciudad Segovia
Fl, Ob, Cl, Pno, Perc 2 Vln, Vla, Vlc, Cb, Sop Vce17 minutes03/1997
(for an opening at the Opus Art Gallery)
2 Gtrs, Vl, Vla and Electronics15 minutes03/1997
Orig.: 8/90
un otoño en Salamanca
for the Camerata Kronos in Spain
Fl, Ob, Cl, Pno, 2 Vln Vla, Vlc, Cb18 minutes12/1996
cuerdas, vientos, y voces for Butler Walach DuoTuba and Mandolin12 minutes10/1996
Música para cuatro guitarras for EntrequatreGuitar Quartet18 minutes09/1996
canciones fragementadas
(fragmented songs) for Corrado Canonici
Solo Double Bass15 minutes08/1996
Afternoon tea with Satie
for Duo Contemporain
Bass Clarinet and Percussion13 minutes07/1996
como un mar lleno de conceptos místicos (for the NY Camerata)Soprano voice, Fl, Vl, Vlc and Piano15 minutes01/1996
arcos (bows), for MarimolinViolin and Marimba15 minutes09/1995
cantos (chants), for Bert & Nancy TuretzkyDouble Bass and Flutes (piccolo, c, alto, bass)20 minutes08/1995
tres (three), for Cheryl MarshallSoprano voice, Cl, and Piano15 minutes07/1995
timbres artificiales #3, for Ruben RieraSolo Guitar12 minutes04/1995
Canciones en la distancia for Flores Chaviano and the New World Symphony OrchestraGuitar and Orchestra
2 2 2 2 4 2 2 1
2 perc, pno, harp, strings
18 minutes01/1995
Cuatro Navegantes, for the National Orchestra in El SalvadorOrchestra
2 2 2 2 4 3 3 1, perc, str
16 minutes10/1994
Musica para Segovia
for the Ensemble Ciudad Segovia
Fl, Ob, Cl, Pno, Perc 2VL, Vla, Vlc, Cb15 minutes08/1994
Octet for Winds, Percussion, and Piano
for the FIU faculty new music ensemble
Fl, Ob, Cl, Hrn, Trpt, Trb Perc, Piano15 minutes04/1994
timbres artificiales #2 for Flores ChavianoSolo Guitar11 minutes02/1994
Auschwitz (nunca se olvidaran) for the New World Symphony and the Miami Master ChoraleSATB choir and Orchestra
1 1 1 2 1 1 perc, pno, strings
18 minutes01/1994
una luz en la neblina distante (a light in the distant fog) for Leon BiriottiOboe and String Orchestra15 minutes10/1993
voces celestiales (Celestial Voices)
for Bertram Turetzky & Luis Gomez Imbert
new version for scordatura basses completed 2/14 for the MISO and bassists Jeff Bradetich and Luis Gomez Imbert
2 Double Basses & Orch
2 2 2 2 4 2 2 perc, str
18 minutes08/1993
Orig.: 8/93
soy (I am) for Luis Gomez ImbertContra Bass, Piano, Electronics16 minutes05/1993
despues del 24 de Agosto 1992 (after August 24, 1992) for Max LifchitzPiano & Orchestra
2 2 2 2 4 2 2 1 perc, str
16 minutes01/1993
timbres artificiales #1 for Ruben RieraSolo Guitar12 minutes08/1992
una noche en Caracas (for Marisela Gonzalez)Solo Harp12 minutes07/1992
un rayo lunar en una noche sin luna
for Luis Gomez Imbert
Contrabass and Orchestra
22221 22 perc, str
22 minutes06/1992
despues de un silencio largo for Francis SchwartzSolo Piano12 minutes06/1992
al borde del Avila
for Alfredo Rugeles & Nova Musica
M Sop, Fl, Ob, Harp, Pno, DB and Electronics15 minutes04/1992
entre el anochecer y la oscuridad
for the Orquesta de Valencia in Spain
Vla & Orchestra
2 3 3 3 4 3 3 1, perc, pno, str
17 minutes03/1992
la luz penetra el cristal
for Joel Sachs & Continuum
M Sop, Vl, Cl, Pno12 minutes03/1992
Song #2, for Martha HerrSoprano Voice and Piano12 minutes12/1991
el sonido dulce de tu voz (for Catherine)SATB, Orchestral Bells9 minutes08/1991
Fragmentos Congelados (Frozen Fragments)Viola and Piano15 minutes05/1991
In Fragmentation the World ExistsSATB13 minutes03/1991
Metallic Images (for Jan Williams)Percussion and Electronics21 minutes02/1991
For LaMonte (for LaMonte Young)Cl and Piano12 minutes10/1990
Music for Berlin
(for Eberhard Blum)
(Fl doubling C Fl/picc/ Alto/B Fl) and Piano15 minutes09/1990
Cancion (para mi niño)Solo soprano10 minutes07/1990
3 Pieces for Double Bass & Tape for Robert BlackDouble Bass and Electronics11 minutes06/1990
Conos Matizados (Multi-hued Cones)Brass Quintet15 minutes03/1990
Recuerdos de Otra Musica para Piano
(for Miguel Salvador)
Solo Piano8 minutes03/1990
Music for Nada vers. 3Electronics or Electronics and Soprano18 minutes02/1990
Improvisation with Metallic Materials (for Joseph Celli)Wind Synthesizer and Electronics14 minutes01/1990
Sitio Sin Nombre (for Joan La Barbara)Solo Soprano and Electronics22 minutes01/1990
On the Eve of the 2nd Year Anniversary of Morton’s DeathSATB12 minutes08/1989
Sombras Asimetricas for Carlos Molina
(Asymmetric Shadows)
Solo Guitar13 minutes08/1989
Reflejos de Modelos Repetivos (Reflections of Repetitive Models)
For Flores Chaviano
Guitar and Electronics20 minutes08/1989
In Deference to the King
(for the N/S Consonance & Jan Williams)
Fl/Picc, Ob/E. Hr, Cl, Perc, Pno, Vl, Vlc16 minutes07/1989
Colors of the Night 2M. Sop SATB and Piano13 minutes02/1989
Retratos #1Piano and Live Electronics (or fixed media)18 minutes02/1989
Cello (Colores)Solo Cello15 minutes11/1988
Prelude (for a Convocation)7 Trumpets2 minutes10/1988
Tango Para Yvar (for Yvar Mikhashoff)Solo Piano3 minutes10/1988
Variations on Metallic and Wooden Shades for Barbara HamiltonViola and Percussion17 minutes08/1988
Treno para las Americas Threnody
for the Americas for the 1988 New Music America Festival
Orchestra & Soprano
1 1 1 1 perc, 2 pno, str
(or 1 1 1 1 perc, pno, str)
21 minutes07/1988
Varadero Memories (Recuerdos)Orchestra
2 3 3 2 4 2 3 1, perc, harp, str
15 minutes04/1988
Colores UltravioladosSop, Fl, Vl, Cb15 minutes04/1988
SilenciosSop, Fl, Vl, Cb, 2 Pnos13 minutes02/1988
Music for Chamber Ensemble
(for Dennis Kam)
Fl, Cl, Bsn, Hr, Trpt, Trb, Pno, Vl, Vla, Vlc, Cb15 minutes01/1988
September 1987 (in memory M. Feldman)Solo Piano22 minutes12/1987
For Morton (in memory M. Feldman)Vlc, Perc, Cl18 minutes11/1987
Streams (for violinist Thomas Moore)Solo Violin17 minutes05/1987
Sonic Islands in a Sea of Solitude for Barney ChildsFl, Ob, Cl/B. Cl, Trb20 minutes01/1987
Four Individual Migrations2 Perc, Pno, Cl18 minutes08/1986
String Quartet #1 (Rendering Counterpoint)String Quartet21 minutes07/1986
Music for Two Oboes & Piano2 Ob, Pno18 minutes06/1986
Spheres (for Max Lifchitz & the N/S Ensemble)Fl, Ob, Cl, Perc, Pno, 2 Vl, Vla, Vlc, Cb13 minutes11/1985
GuitarraSolo Guitar13 minutes11/1985
Multiple Woods5 Bb Clarinets12 minutes06/1985
Escher WaterfallTrpt, Cl, Pno10 minutes06/1985
The German Archer (for Morton Feldman)Fl/Alto Fl, Cl, 2 Perc21 minutes03/1985
Images of Wood & WireSolo Piano17 minutes03/1985