Orchestra/Chamber Orchestra/String Orchestra with/without soloists

Name of WorkInstrumentationDurationDate
The clouds receding into the mountains for Melia Watras and the Seattle Modern OrchestraSolo viola, and chamber orchestra 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 piano perc strings20 minutes09/2017
A return to fragmentation and the use of negative space for Jason CallowaySolo Cello and String Orchestra13 minutes08/2017
Of wind, sea, and light for the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra2 2 2 2 2 2 2 perc strings14 minutes12/2016
Ascending into the Eternal Light (ascendiendo hacia la luz eterna) for Martin Anderson in memory of YoditString Orchestra 6 6 4 4 2
4 4 4 4 2
Havana Festival version 4 4 4 2 1
14 minutes07/2016
From Darkness to Luminosity For Cristina Valdes and the Seattle Modern OrchSolo piano & chamber ens/orch
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 perc strings (or str quintet)
16 minutes07/2015
Fragmented Patterns for Igor and VesnaSolo violin and solo violin/viola
1 1 1 1 perc strings 6 6 4 4 2
16 minutes05/2015
Music for a Child’s Story (The Boy and the Magical flower) for the Miami Symphony Orchestra2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 perc strings
vers for 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 p str
4 minutes04/2015
una marea creciente (a rising tide) for violinist Jennifer ChoiSolo Violin and String Orchestra
6 6 4 4 2
14 minutes12/2014
Towards the Light: Into the Numinous for the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) and the Latin American String QuartetString Quartet and Orchestra
2 2 2 2 4 2 3 1 perc (3), piano, str
19 minutes07/2013
The Distant Wind II for Wojciech Mrozek and the Lviv PhilSolo Bb Clarinet and Strings15 minutes01/2013
el viento distante (the distant wind) Wojciech Mrozek and the Lviv PhilharmonicSolo Bb Clarinet and Orchestra 2222 2221 piano, harp, perc, strings15 minutes04/2012
In Memoriam Earle Brown for the Miami Symphony OrchestraOrchestra 2222 4231 3 perc piano strings20 minutes12/2010
vedute sonore da Bellagio (sonic postcards from Bellagio) for the OSSB in VenezuelaOrchestra
3 3 3 3 4 3 3 1 perc, pno, str
19 minutes08/2001
Orig.: 10/99
Asimetría For Carlos PiantiniString Orchestra12 minutes08/1997
sombras iluminadas for the Orquesta Ciudad de MalagaOrchestra
3 3 3 3 4 3 3 1 perc, harp, strings
18 minutes07/1997
Canciones en la distancia for Flores Chaviano and the New World Symphony OrchestraGuitar and Orchestra
2 2 2 2 4 2 2 1
2 perc, pno, harp, strings
18 minutes01/1995
Cuatro Navegantes, for the National Orchestra in El SalvadorOrchestra
2 2 2 2 4 3 3 1, perc, str
16 minutes10/1994
Auschwitz (nunca se olvidaran) for the New World Symphony and the Miami Master ChoraleSATB choir and Orchestra
1 1 1 2 1 1 perc, pno, strings
18 minutes01/1994
una luz en la neblina distante (a light in the distant fog) for Leon BiriottiOboe and String Orchestra15 minutes10/1993
voces celestiales (Celestial Voices)
for Bertram Turetzky & Luis Gomez Imbert
new version for scordatura basses completed 2/14 for the MISO and bassists Jeff Bradetich and Luis Gomez Imbert
2 Double Basses & Orch
2 2 2 2 4 2 2 perc, str
18 minutes08/1993
Orig.: 8/93
despues del 24 de Agosto 1992 (after August 24, 1992) for Max LifchitzPiano & Orchestra
2 2 2 2 4 2 2 1 perc, str
16 minutes01/1993
un rayo lunar en una noche sin luna
for Luis Gomez Imbert
Contrabass and Orchestra
22221 22 perc, str
22 minutes06/1992
entre el anochecer y la oscuridad
for the Orquesta de Valencia in Spain
Vla & Orchestra
2 3 3 3 4 3 3 1, perc, pno, str
17 minutes03/1992
Treno para las Americas Threnody
for the Americas for the 1988 New Music America Festival
Orchestra & Soprano
1 1 1 1 perc, 2 pno, str
(or 1 1 1 1 perc, pno, str)
21 minutes07/1988
Varadero Memories (Recuerdos)Orchestra
2 3 3 2 4 2 3 1, perc, harp, str
15 minutes04/1988

Chamber Ensemble (duos and larger with/without soloist and without voice)

Name of WorkInstrumentationDurationDate
I never saw another butterfly for the Amernet string quartetString Quartet21 minutes03/2018
Fragmented Light II
for Jason Calloway and Michael Klotz
Viola and Cello11 minutes02/2017
Multiple Winds in the Distance
for the Mexico City Woodwind Quintet
Woodwind Quintet12 minutes07/2016
The Distant Wind III
For Michael Norsworthy and the Amernet
Bb Clarinet and String Quartet15 minutes03/2016
Piano Quartet Cross Currents
for the Deering Estate Chamber Ensemble
Vl, Vla, Vlc, Piano12 minutes02/2016
musica para Oaxaca
for the Latin American St Qt and guitarists Jaime Marquez & Carlos Martinez commissioned by the Instrumenta Festival in Mexico
2 classical guitars and String Quartet15 minutes09/2015
For Dennis Kam II
for Sebastián Marine and Elena Aguado
Piano 4 hands14 minutes01/2015
For Dennis Kam
for the Bugallo Williams Piano Duo
Two PIanos14 minutes07/2014
for the Nuevo Ensemble de Segovia
Alto Flute, Bass Clarinet, Percussion, Piano13 minutes05/2014
for the Suono Sacro Ensemble
Flute (c, picc and alto), Harp, String Quintet (or string orchestra)14 minutes05/2014
Fragmented Light
for Jason Calloway and Mari-Liis Pakk
Violin and Cello11 minutes03/2014
Inside the Quantum World
Duo Hevans
Tenor Saxophone and Bass Clarinet13 minutes09/2012
Entanglements (entrelazamientos)
(Brouwer Trio)
Violin, Cello, Piano11 minutes08/2012
musica para Madrid
for the Nuevo Ensemble de Segovia
Flute (piccolo), Bass Clarinet Alto Sax, Percussion, Piano12 minutes09/2011
Music for Paris
for Le Balcon
Flute, Clarinet, Piano Violin, Viola, Cello15 minutes03/2011
la intersección de tres mundos imaginarios (the intersection of 3 imaginary worlds) for DedaloFl, Cl (B.CL), Vln, Vlc, Piano, Percussion17 minutes09/2008
cajas sonoras (sonic boxes) for guitarist Arturo TalliniGuitar Ensemble6 minutes07/2008
September 2007 (Remembering Morty) for the piano percussion duo Miroglio AproduPiano and Percussion13 minutes12/2007
Music for Italy
for Andrea Ceccomori and Emanuele Arciuli
Piccolo doubling Bass Flute and Piano11 minutes06/2006
Escher Waterfall Variant III for the Nuevo Ensemble de SegoviaBb Cl/B. Cl, Alto Saxophone, Piano10 minutes12/2005
olas de inhumanidad
for Robert Davidovici and Kemal Gegic
Violin and Pinao10 minutes09/2005
Orig.: 5/99
vientos fragmentados (fragmented winds) for Henri Bok and Jorgen van RijenBass Clarinet and Trombone12 minutes07/2005
horizontes imaginados (imagined horizons) for the Cantus Ensemble in ZagrebBb Cl/B. Cl, Vl, Vlc, Pno11 minutes06/2005
dos for Joan Pere Gil and Miguel BonacheaBb Clarinet and Guitar10 minutes04/2005
reflejos de otra música
reflections of another music
for the Mexico City WW QT
Woodwind Quintet12 minutes04/2004
Music for Tuba and Piano
for Velvet Brown and the Duo Garda
Tuba and Piano13 minutes07/2003
Music for trombone and piano for Mark Hetzler and James FulkersonTrombone and Piano12 minutes03/2002
silencios imaginados
for the Assisi Musiche Ensemble
Fl (picc, alto), Cl (Bass cl) Vl, Vlc, Piano13 minutes06/2001
Musica para 4 clarinetes
for the Madrid based Recital ensemble
Eb clar, Bb clar, Basset Horn Bass clar12 minutes05/2001
Escher Waterfall (Variant II)Ob, Cl, Vln, Vla, Vlc12 minutes02/2001
vientos en la distancia (Distant Winds)
for Alberto Rodriguez and the Solistas de Camara Madrid
2 Bb Clar, Pno, 11 Strings (and wind chimes)13 minutes01/2001
una luz en la neblina distante
(a light in the distant fog)
for Leon Biriotti
Oboe & 4 Percussion (orig version for ob & strings)15 minutes11/2000
Re-encounter (for Luis Gomez Imbert, Keith Aleo)Electric Guitar, Cb, Perc15 minutes11/2000
Core Interlude (interludio) for the Core EnsembleCello, Piano, Percussion6 minutes11/2000
fragmentos romanos
for Continuum
Soprano voice, Bb Clar/B. Clar, Vln, Piano15 minutes10/2000
Music for Toronto
for Michael Baker and Array Music
Vln, Clar, Trpt, 2 Perc, Pno, Cb15 minutes03/2000
paisaje del sonido II
(Soundscapes II) for Luis Gomez Imbert
Solo Cb, Str. Qt., Glasses/Chimes (3 perf)16 minutes01/2000
Escher Waterfall (Variant I)Fl, Cl, Harp, Vibes10 minutes10/1999
el silencio despues de la lluvia
for Eladio Scharron and Nora Lee Garcia
Flute (doubling picc, alto) and Guitar11 minutes06/1999
for Guido Arbonelli & Andrea Ceccomori
Flute (doubling picc, alto bass) & Clarinet (doubling bass)18 minutes04/1999
cuatro asimetrias for entrequatreGuitar Quartet13 minutes02/1999
coral fin del siglo fragmentado for Frullato de BecRecorder Quartet15 minutes02/1999
fragmentos del pasado for Iliana MatosGuitar and String Quartet18 minutes09/1998
nubes de cristal
for the Toronto based Glass Orchestra
4 performers w/ glass instruments21 minutes08/1998
cuatro for the Miami String QuartetString Quartet (rev 2000)14 minutes06/1998
lineas en la caida de la noche for Paul GreenClarinet and Piano15 minutes05/1998
un otoño en Salamanca
for the Camerata Kronos in Spain
Fl, Ob, Cl, Pno, 2 Vln Vla, Vlc, Cb18 minutes12/1996
cuerdas, vientos, y voces for Butler Walach DuoTuba and Mandolin12 minutes10/1996
Música para cuatro guitarras for EntrequatreGuitar Quartet18 minutes09/1996
Afternoon tea with Satie
for Duo Contemporain
Bass Clarinet and Percussion13 minutes07/1996
arcos (bows), for MarimolinViolin and Marimba15 minutes09/1995
cantos (chants), for Bert & Nancy TuretzkyDouble Bass and Flutes (piccolo, c, alto, bass)20 minutes08/1995
Musica para Segovia
for the Ensemble Ciudad Segovia
Fl, Ob, Cl, Pno, Perc 2VL, Vla, Vlc, Cb15 minutes08/1994
Octet for Winds, Percussion, and Piano
for the FIU faculty new music ensemble
Fl, Ob, Cl, Hrn, Trpt, Trb Perc, Piano15 minutes04/1994
Fragmentos Congelados (Frozen Fragments)Viola and Piano15 minutes05/1991
For LaMonte (for LaMonte Young)Cl and Piano12 minutes10/1990
Music for Berlin
(for Eberhard Blum)
(Fl doubling C Fl/picc/ Alto/B Fl) and Piano15 minutes09/1990
Conos Matizados (Multi-hued Cones)Brass Quintet15 minutes03/1990
In Deference to the King
(for the N/S Consonance & Jan Williams)
Fl/Picc, Ob/E. Hr, Cl, Perc, Pno, Vl, Vlc16 minutes07/1989
Prelude (for a Convocation)7 Trumpets2 minutes10/1988
Variations on Metallic and Wooden Shades for Barbara HamiltonViola and Percussion17 minutes08/1988
Music for Chamber Ensemble
(for Dennis Kam)
Fl, Cl, Bsn, Hr, Trpt, Trb, Pno, Vl, Vla, Vlc, Cb15 minutes01/1988
For Morton (in memory M. Feldman)Vlc, Perc, Cl18 minutes11/1987
Sonic Islands in a Sea of Solitude for Barney ChildsFl, Ob, Cl/B. Cl, Trb20 minutes01/1987
Four Individual Migrations2 Perc, Pno, Cl18 minutes08/1986
String Quartet #1 (Rendering Counterpoint)String Quartet21 minutes07/1986
Music for Two Oboes & Piano2 Ob, Pno18 minutes06/1986
Spheres (for Max Lifchitz & the N/S Ensemble)Fl, Ob, Cl, Perc, Pno, 2 Vl, Vla, Vlc, Cb13 minutes11/1985
Multiple Woods5 Bb Clarinets12 minutes06/1985
Escher WaterfallTrpt, Cl, Pno10 minutes06/1985
The German Archer (for Morton Feldman)Fl/Alto Fl, Cl, 2 Perc21 minutes03/1985

Vocal works (including choir and chamber music with voice)

Name of WorkInstrumentationDurationDate
la belleza que es el mar (the beauty that is the sea)
for the FIU Women’s Choir and Wind Ensemble
SSAA choir and chamber winds13 minutes09/2016
canto de cuna para la humanidadSoprano voice6 minutes01/2011
Transcending Time: Part I Time in the Present (Sketches)Soprano, Fl, Trb, Cb, Piano 8 Voices, Narrator15 minutes11/2003
voces en la distancia
(Distant Voices) for Kathleen Wilson
Soprano Voice and Piano11 minutes05/2003
celebramosSSSAAA choir8 minutes04/1998
for the Ensemble Ciudad Segovia
Fl, Ob, Cl, Pno, Perc 2 Vln, Vla, Vlc, Cb, Sop Vce17 minutes03/1997
como un mar lleno de conceptos místicos (for the NY Camerata)Soprano voice, Fl, Vl, Vlc and Piano15 minutes01/1996
tres (three), for Cheryl MarshallSoprano voice, Cl, and Piano15 minutes07/1995
al borde del Avila
for Alfredo Rugeles & Nova Musica
M Sop, Fl, Ob, Harp, Pno, DB and Electronics15 minutes04/1992
la luz penetra el cristal
for Joel Sachs & Continuum
M Sop, Vl, Cl, Pno12 minutes03/1992
Song #2, for Martha HerrSoprano Voice and Piano12 minutes12/1991
el sonido dulce de tu voz (for Catherine)SATB, Orchestral Bells9 minutes08/1991
In Fragmentation the World ExistsSATB13 minutes03/1991
Cancion (para mi niño)Solo soprano10 minutes07/1990
On the Eve of the 2nd Year Anniversary of Morton’s DeathSATB12 minutes08/1989
Colors of the Night 2M. Sop SATB and Piano13 minutes02/1989
Colores UltravioladosSop, Fl, Vl, Cb15 minutes04/1988
SilenciosSop, Fl, Vl, Cb, 2 Pnos13 minutes02/1988

Wind Ensemble

Name of WorkInstrumentationDurationDate
Otro mundo sonoro
for the FIU Wind Ensemble
Wind Ensemble11 minutes09/2006

Works for solo instruments without electronics/video

Name of WorkInstrumentationDurationDate
A distant gamelan for Sarah Cahill in memory of Lou HarrisonSolo piano11 minutes02/2018
una lluvia fuerte con mezcal
A Hard Rain with Mezcal for Kathleen Supove
Solo piano13 minutes01/2016
la fuente de los coyotes (the fountain of the coyotes) for Michael KlotzSolo Viola9 minutes10/2014
revelaciones (revelations) (for Wil Smith)Concert Organ13 minutes12/2011
madera sonora (sonic wood)Solo Marimba6 minutes05/2008
timbres artificiales #4, for Arturo TalliniSolo Guitar10 minutes05/2006
oscurecimiento gradual (slowly darkening) for Max LifchitzSolo Piano8 minutes05/2005
resonancia (Resonance)
for the 2003 Music Festival in Senigallia, Italy
Solo Piano12 minutes07/2003
sombras sobre parque central
(shadows over Central Park) for Henri Bok
Solo Bass Clarinet9 minutes12/2002
Multiple Voices
for Joan Pere Gil and Paul Green
Solo Clarinet8 minutes06/2002
viento nocturno for Laura WilcoxSolo Viola10 minutes05/2002
viento sonoro for Robert DickSolo Flute (doubling bass flute)10 minutes05/2002
fragmentos de la noche (night fragments)
for Maya Beiser
Solo Cello12 minutes02/2001
llovizna (mist) for Thomas BlochGlass Harmonica8 minutes02/2000
aire, madera, y metal for Henry SkolnickSolo Bassoon18 minutes12/1997
Sombras para pianoSolo Piano18 minutes12/1997
canciones fragementadas
(fragmented songs) for Corrado Canonici
Solo Double Bass15 minutes08/1996
timbres artificiales #3, for Ruben RieraSolo Guitar12 minutes04/1995
timbres artificiales #2 for Flores ChavianoSolo Guitar11 minutes02/1994
timbres artificiales #1 for Ruben RieraSolo Guitar12 minutes08/1992
una noche en Caracas (for Marisela Gonzalez)Solo Harp12 minutes07/1992
despues de un silencio largo for Francis SchwartzSolo Piano12 minutes06/1992
Recuerdos de Otra Musica para Piano
(for Miguel Salvador)
Solo Piano8 minutes03/1990
Sombras Asimetricas for Carlos Molina
(Asymmetric Shadows)
Solo Guitar13 minutes08/1989
Cello (Colores)Solo Cello15 minutes11/1988
Tango Para Yvar (for Yvar Mikhashoff)Solo Piano3 minutes10/1988
September 1987 (in memory M. Feldman)Solo Piano22 minutes12/1987
Streams (for violinist Thomas Moore)Solo Violin17 minutes05/1987
GuitarraSolo Guitar13 minutes11/1985
Images of Wood & WireSolo Piano17 minutes03/1985

Works instrument(s) and/or voice with electronics/video and works for electronics/video without instruments

Name of WorkInstrumentationDurationDate
una marea creciente interdisciplinary work commissioned by the Knight Foundation and Faena Art with John Stuart, Jacek Kolasinski, Augusto Soledade, Campbell McGrathfor 2 ensembles, fixed media, video, and 6 dancers (ensemble 1: male and female voice, vlc, cb) and (ensemble 2: 2 male and 2 female voices, fl, cl, vln, vla)90 minutes05/2018
Deconstructed Strings II for Keith KirchoffSolo piano and fixed media13 minutes02/2018
Those at peace shall see their wake CAP commission from Vizcaya for premiere in the pool grotto areaString Trio, wind chimes, wine glasses, and fixed media37 minutes01/2018
Deconstructed strings CAP commission from Vizcaya for their music roomInstallation consisting of 9 sound files triggered by a camera controlled by a Max patch15 minutes12/2017
Resonating color fields
For Andrew Kozar
Piccolo trumpet and resonating body (amplified grand piano)11 minutes02/2017
Quasi chitarra
For Federico Bonacossa
classical guitar and fixed media14 minutes01/2017
Conversations with Harry
for Harry Sparnaay
Bass Clarinet and Fixed Media12 minutes08/2015
marea cambiante (changing tide)
for Mari Kimura
Solo Amplified Violin8 minutes01/2015
The City Air makes you free
Stadluft Macht Frei
(video images by Jacek Kolasinski)
Fixed Media with video10 minutes08/2014
entre michigan y jefferson
(between Michigan and Jefferson)
for the Fonema Consort
Mezzo Soprano, Flute (doubling alto), Percussion and electronics13 minutes08/2014
muro de viento
for Alejandro Escuer
video images by Jacek Kolasinski
Solo flute doubling piccolo and alto flute with electronics5 minutes07/2013
universo paralelo #4
video images by John Stuart
Soprano voice, Clarinet, Viola Piano, Electronics and Video13 minutes08/2010
universo paralelo #3
video images by Eric Goldemberg and Veronica Lachberg
Soprano voice, Clarinet, Viola Piano, Electronics and Video12 minutes07/2010
universo paralelo #2
video images by Jacek Kolasinski and Daniel Viñoly
Clarinet, Electronics, and Video13 minutes02/2010
la catedral de cristalElectronics (fixed media)10 minutes02/2010
After Life (for Paula Matthusen)Laptop Ensemble15 minutes11/2009
universo paralelo #1
video images by Jacek Kolasinski
Soprano voice, Clarinet, Viola Piano, Electronics and Video14 minutes09/2009
Dreaming Amazonia
Choreography and concept by Augusto Soledade
videos by Jacek Kolasinsksi
Electronics (with dance and images)46 minutes03/2009
Transcending Time concept by OJG
videos by Jacek Kolasinski and John Stuart
text by Campbell McGrath
Chamber ensemble (14 players)
Mezzo Soprano Soloist, 4 SATB Singers, Video and Electronics
75 minutes02/2009
After Humans (después de los humanos)
for Madeleine Shapiro, video by Jacek Kolasinski
Cello, Electronics, Video16 minutes06/2008
enlaces sonoros (sonic links)
(chamber orchestra version of puentes)
Chamber orchestra
1111 1111 Perc, Pno, Strings Electronics/Video
19 minutes02/2008
islas (islands) for Pierre-Yves Artaud and the OFFFlute ensemble, solo flute, Electronics20 minutes12/2007
puentes sonoros (sonic bridges)
for Sequenza Sur and the Cervantino Festival
video images by Jacek Kolasinski and John Stuart
Fl, Ob, Cl, Pno, Vla, Vlc, Cb Electronics, Video19 minutes08/2007
temporal and ARA Belgrano videos
in collaboration w/ video artist Jacek Kolasinski
Video and Electronics versions of temporal for Electronics8 minutes07/2007
paisaje del sonido (video version) in collaboration w/ video artist Jacek KolasinskiVideo w/ Contrabass, Electronics, Video18 minutes10/2006
temporalElectronics8 minutes02/2006
Ascending from the Abyss for Joan La BarbaraMezzo Soprano & Electronics15 minutes11/2004
cuando el mar besa al malecón
(when the sea kisses the malecón)
for Alejandro Escuer
Flute (doubling picc, c flute, alto flute, bass flute) and Electronics18 minutes07/2004
paisaje del sonido (Soundscape) for Luis Gomez ImbertContrabass and Electronics16 minutes06/2004
Orig.: 4/92
mixtura (mixture) for Carter EnyeartCello and Electronics14 minutes02/2004
nubes nocturnas (nocturnal clouds)
for James Fulkerson and Mark Hetzler
Trombone and Electronics10 minutes01/2004
Why References? for Kathy SupovePiano and Electronics18 minutes09/2002
como los colores del viento nocturno
(like the colors of the evening wind)
for Robert Davidovici
Viola and Electronics (with wind chimes)13 minutes02/2002
separacion (separation) for Daniel KeintzySoprano Sax and Electronics12 minutes01/2001
imagenes (sonidos) sonoros congelados for Robert DavidoviciViolin and Electronics14 minutes12/1999
como un coro de clarinetes celestiales
(like a choir of celestial clarinets)
Electronics (fixed media)13 minutes10/1999
(for an opening at the Opus Art Gallery)
2 Gtrs, Vl, Vla and Electronics15 minutes03/1997
Orig.: 8/90
soy (I am) for Luis Gomez ImbertContra Bass, Piano, Electronics16 minutes05/1993
Metallic Images (for Jan Williams)Percussion and Electronics21 minutes02/1991
3 Pieces for Double Bass & Tape for Robert BlackDouble Bass and Electronics11 minutes06/1990
Music for Nada vers. 3Electronics or Electronics and Soprano18 minutes02/1990
Improvisation with Metallic Materials (for Joseph Celli)Wind Synthesizer and Electronics14 minutes01/1990
Sitio Sin Nombre (for Joan La Barbara)Solo Soprano and Electronics22 minutes01/1990
Reflejos de Modelos Repetivos (Reflections of Repetitive Models)
For Flores Chaviano
Guitar and Electronics20 minutes08/1989
Retratos #1Piano and Live Electronics (or fixed media)18 minutes02/1989