Summer Composition Course in Assisi, Italy at the Suono Sacro Festival

I will be presenting a composition course at the Suono Sacro Festival in Assisi, Italy this summer open to students and young professional composers. The course taking place from July 31 to August 6 will include group meetings where the concept of sacred music/spirituality in the 21st century will be discussed including a review of works by Part, Messiaen, Gubaidulina, among others. In addition, students will meet individually in private composition class sessions with me as they create a new work to be rehearsed and performed and recorded in concert by the Suono Sacro Chamber Ensemble during the festival. More information about the cost, housing etc., can be found on the Suono Sacro Festival web page; Information regarding the course and how to apply is here More information regarding the costs, courses, and the festival is located here and here Application forms are available here The last day to apply and pay the full fee is May 21. Applicants can reserve their place with a deposit of 20% of the fee payable at any time. Only the first 10 applicants that are accepted and pay the deposit will be guaranteed their place in the festival.

For more information please contact me by going to the contact page of this web site

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