Miami ISCM

The Florida International University (FIU) School of Music houses the Miami Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music. This Associated Chapter formed in 2001 has further represent the goals of the ISCM in the US, namely the advocacy and presentation of Contemporary Music and related events.

Numerous ISCM affiliated activities have been realized and are being planned for the future including the annual New Music Miami ISCM festival, NODUS Ensemble concerts, and other new music related events (please visit the New Music Miami and NODUS sections of this site for more information.

In addition the chapter continues to make an official submission of up to 6 works by selected US based composers to the ISCM World Music Days Festival each year. These works will be considered for possible presentation at this event by the host country’s festival directors. The World Music Days Festival is one of the most important international new music events in the world. More

The directors for the Miami Section are Orlando Jacinto Garcia, Jacob Sudol, and Paula Matthusen. For more information regarding the chapter please feel free to contact Orlando Jacinto Garcia

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