On my way to the Millay Colony

Traveling from Miami to Austerlitz, NY and the Millay Colony. Flew to La Guardia and from there on a train to Hudson, NY. Lastly a 30 minute cab drive gets me to the Colony. Will be working on several works with electronics including the new piece for the Fonema Consort, a work for electronics and video in collaboration with Jacek Kolasinski, as well as continued work on my next interdisciplinary video opera parallel universes.

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Civitella and Assisi, Italy

July 17

Arrived at the Civitella Ranieri castle near Perugia, Italy yesterday afternoon and spent last night and spending tonight here. Have great memories from last summer’s residency – was extremely productive and I made some great friends. Had the pleasure of meeting many of the current group and enjoyed meeting them as well. After tonight I am in the hands of the Suono Sacro music festival in Assisi where I conducted the premiere of my new work Ascension tonight at the Sala San Gregorio. Was a very nice evening with an enthusiastic crowd and wonderful performers. Has been a great month in Italy…

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Elba, Italy

July 14

New work for the Bugallo Williams piano duo complete and a new work for violin and string orchestra for Jennifer Choi in progress – extremely productive place on the island of Elba…

July 4

Incredibly productive time here on the island of Elba – already have a third of the new work for two pianos set – ca 10 minutes to go

July 2

26 hours later, 2 planes, 2 trains, and a ferry and I am here – gorgeous place – pictures to come – already int the the duo piano work…

June 30

On my way to Italy and my artist’s residency at the Casa Zia Lina on the island of Elba. Looking forward to working on the two piano work for the Bugallo Wiliams Duo while there. Should be finally arrive tomorrow Tuesday afternoon Italy time…

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Just sent the new chamber work to the NESG ensemble in Spain. Now starting some sketches for the new work I am writing for the Bugallo – Williams piano duo. Have a residency during the first part of July at the Casa Zia Lina in Elba, Italy to work on it in earnest but figure I can use my last 4-5 days at the MacDowell Colony to get started. Enjoying playing around inside the Steinway in my studio.

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