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The New Music Miami Festival began as the May in Miami Music Festival. The Festival originally presented in May of each year began in 1993, and brought internationally renowned composers to Florida International University who along with the FIU Composition faculty present Forums and Master Classes to a group of 15 to 25 young composers selected by competitive review. The week long Festival featured nightly concerts with performances of students works by performers from the New World Symphony (NWSO) and FIU Artists faculty. In its last years the festival featured FIU resident ensembles, Continuum, and the Miami String Quartet.

In the fall of 1997 the name for the festival was changed to the New Music Miami Festival so that it could be presented at other times of the year. The festival was presented in the fall of 1997 to coincide with the Forum of New Music from Latin America, allowing participants the opportunity of hearing new works from Latin America. The 1999 festival featured performers from Italy as well as the Miami String Quartet and NODUS (the FIU faculty new music ensemble). The guest composers participating over the first 7 years that the festival was presented included Earle Brown, Morton Subotnick, Joan LaBarbara, Jonathan Kramer, Tania Leon, Donald Martino, Pauline Oliveros, Bernard Rands, George Crumb, Olly Wilson, Tomas Marco, Lukas Foss, Mario Lavista, Don Erb, Chinary Ung, Charles Dodge. and Fredrick Kaufman among others. In 2001 the Music of the Americas Festival was presented instead (see below)

The 2002 New Music Miami Festival changed format becoming the New Music Miami ISCM Festival. This change reflects FIUs status as an associated chapter of the ISCM. The festival now includes the presentation of music by composers from around the world many of whom are present to discuss their music for FIU students and audiences. In April 2002 more than 25 composers were in attendance for the presentation of their music by NODUS ensemble members and guest performers from Italy, Canada, and Mexico. The 2003 Festival brought numerous guests and included the Cuarteto Latinoamericano., cellist Madeleine Shapiro, violist Laura Wilcox, bassist Luis Gomez Imbert, guitarist Jaime Marquez, and violinist Saul Bitran among others. Composers participating included composers from the US, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, such as Chinary Ung, Mario Lavista, Judith Shatin and others. The 2004 Festival featured music for winds and included an international roster of composers and performers. The 2005 version of the festival once again included highly respected performers and composers this time the focus was music for keyboards with or without electronics, video, etc. The 2006 festival included solo, chamber, and orchestral music and the 2007 and 2008 festivals featured solo and chamber music, music for winds, orchestra, video and electronic works. For 2009 the festival concerts and related events have been spread throughout the spring months allowing for more flexibility in programming and scheduling. It is anticipated that this format will continue in the future.

The directors for the Miami Section are FIU faculty composers Orlando Jacinto Garcia, Fredrick Kaufman, and Paula Matthusen. For more information regarding the chapter please feel free to contact Orlando Jacinto Garcia.

CURRENT and PAST Miami ISCM information:
*Below each heading, there is a link to a downloadable PDF file of a program and/or other related document.

2011 Miami Chapter WMD Call for Submissions

To download this pdf click here

2010 New Music Miami ISCM Festival Series
New Music and Video from Around the World
11/21, 1/16, 1/23, 2/20, 3/13, 4/17
To download this pdf click here

2009 New Music Miami ISCM Festival Series
New Music and Video from Around the World
1/17, 24, 2/21, 3/14, 4/4, 5/3
To download this PDF click here

2009 Miami Chapter Results (NODUS/NMM Festival)
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2008 New Music Miami ISCM Festival
New Music from Around the World
April 9-13, 2008
To download this PDF file click here

2008 Miami Chapter WMD Submissions Results
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To receive pre-2008 festival programs, call for submissions and chapter results, please e-mail Orlando Jacinto Garcia.

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